Advertising & Packaging

It is very important when thinking about advertising to target the right media with the right ad. It is also important to protect your brand image to keep it constant and easily recognizable in your potential clients minds. 
A website for example can be an excellent way of getting a lot of information to your clients with low costs. If you were sending the same information out in the form of a flyer you have to add postage and printing costs, not to mention your administration time. And whenever you make a change you have to reprint whereas updating your site is free with cms software.  A web address is easy to reference in a smaller newspaper ad and can be easily included on all your stationary and signage.
A newspaper will provide an advertisment quickly and cheaply for you, but the design teams' main focus is getting out a paper in time so they may not take the care your business requires.
I have been a senior designer in an advertising agency for a number of years with experience in all forms of advertising in print and web.